Frequently Asked Questions

We want to put your mind at ease

Why Choose HomeRise

HomeRise simplifies the selling process, making it easy, affordable, and effective. Our platform offers access to the MLS, reaching millions of buyers on sites like Zillow,,, and many more. On average, sellers save $15,000 using HomeRise, offering all the tools you need to control your sales without pressure.

We are committed to providing an affordable alternative to traditional real estate listing options, ensuring you have the access and control you desire over your property listing and sale. We don’t try to upsell or convince you that you need more. We believe that if you’ve been through the home selling and buying process before, the MLS and the subsequent marketplace pulling listings from the MLS (Zillow,,, etc.) provide 99% of the exposure you need to sell your home.

HomeRise is perfect for small and medium-sized investors, builders, downsizers, and savvy homeowners.

It’s perfect for sellers who are confident in the real estate process and seek a straightforward, cost-effective way to access the market. Our typical Essential and Advanced clients have bought and sold homes before and need minimal hand-holding.

Our Full Service at a 1% pre-negotiated listing rate is ideal for everyone who wants to save money without having to do it all themselves.

At HomeRise, we are laser-focused on efficiency because we know it’s the key to providing affordable services to our customers. We prioritize email communication over phone calls to minimize overhead costs. This approach allows us to keep our costs low without compromising the quality of our services.

In addition to our streamlined communication strategy, we have partnered with nationwide brokerages with excess capacity in their systems. This unique partnership allows us to access the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) at a reduced price. By leveraging the resources of our brokerage partners, we can provide our customers with top-tier MLS access without charging the high fees commonly associated with selling a home.

Our business model is designed to deliver the essential services you need without any unnecessary extras. We believe in providing a high-quality home-selling experience without adding unnecessary costs. By focusing on efficiency and partnering with the right brokers, we can pass on the savings to our customers, making it possible for them to sell their homes at a fraction of the cost.

Getting Started

The process is simple: 

  1. Create a free account on
  2. Fill out a profile with essential information about your property.
  3. Schedule a Launch Call with a HomeRise Representative to verify ownership and ask questions about the process.
  4. Share your images and description with our Listing Assistant team. 
  5. Sign off on the Listing Contract and MLS profile
  6. Your listing goes live approximately 72 hours after all necessary information and documents are completed.
  7. Receive inquiries and showing requests directly or forward from our team
  8. Schedule open houses
  9. Make adjustments to your initial price
  10. Get an offer and negotiate directly with the Buyer or Buyer’s Agent
  11. HomeRise will help you order the necessary Title package
  12. Go to Settlement and Congrats, you sold your property and saved a ton of money!

On the home page, click on “Sell”, enter your property address, and follow the prompts to create your account and listing. The platform will take you through the next steps.

Email or call (610) 269-9863. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response during the week.

Use our password recovery feature or email with your name and Property

ID number for further assistance.

You can upgrade anytime by completing the Full-Service form on our website. If you upgrade to a full-service agent, your initial flat fee will be refunded at settlement.

Listing Details and Requirements

We specialize in single-family homes, condos, vacant land, and small multi-units (4 units or less). At this time, we CANNOT list wholesale or ‘Assignment’ listings.

Your listing typically goes live within 72 hours, assuming timely submission of photos and signed documents.

Yes, if priced correctly, there’s a high likelihood your home will sell through HomeRise.

What is required to list my property on the MLS through HomeRise?

After selecting your package, you’ll be prompted to schedule a launch call, sign a listing agreement, and submit it for your property to be listed on the MLS.

No, most real estate transactions in the U.S. can be handled by a title company. However, depending on your location and preference, you may choose to hire an attorney in addition to a title company.

You may cancel and remove your property from the market at any time. Simply e-mail the Listing Assistant team and ask to cancel your listing.

You may request a refund until you’re Active on the market.

Pricing and Packages

We offer several packages: 

  • Essentials: $95 listing fee, $495 when you settle 
  • Advanced: $495 listing fee, $995 when you settle
  • Full Service: no upfront cost, 1% when you settle

The Essential package by Homerise includes:

  • Costs: $95 to list and $495 if and when you settle.
  • No time limit on market
  • MLS listing profile
  • Listed on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, 100s of other real estate websites
  • ShowingTime App for showing approval and management
  • Listing contract forms
  • Required disclosure forms (if applicable)
  • *All Fees rebated if you upgrade to Full Service

The Advanced package by Homerise includes:

  • Costs:  $495 to list and $995 when you settle.
  • No time limit on market
  • Local MLS Listing Profile
  • Listed on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, 100s of other real estate websites
  • ShowingTime App for showing approval and management
  • Listing Contract Forms
  • Required Disclosure Forms (if applicable)
  • Premium Sign Kit including For Sale yard sign, 2 Open House signs
  • Discounted rates on professional Photo Package from HomeJab
  • *All Fees rebated if you upgrade to Full Service

The 1% Full-Service package by HomeRise is a pre-negotiated listing contract with an expert Realtor. You get Realtor experience for a fraction of the cost. Full-Service includes.

  • Full-service Realtor at pre-negotiated 1% commission
  • Expertise on pricing and market conditions
  • Transaction manager support ensuring contract and deadline compliance
  • Professionally installed ‘For Sale’ sign
  • Regular hosted open houses to showcase your property
  • Inclusion in MLS listings
  • Listed on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, 100s of other real estate websites
  • Free professional photography
  • Free professional video walkthrough

No, not from HomeRise. When you go under contract you will typically see incidental title costs and transfer taxes assessed by your local and state municipalities, but that’s universal to the selling process. HomeRise will only charge the initial listing fee and a settlement fee if and when you close.

No, you are under no obligation to offer a commission to the buyer’s agent. Many of our clients still do because studies show that it currently impacts how many agents show your property. That will no longer be the case in the near future with upcoming class action settlements by NAR.

A 2.5% commission is very common but you may offer less. Because the commissions are negotiable you can offer whatever you’d like. You can also change the buyer commission offering up until the point that your home goes under contract.

Marketing and Showing My Home

You will be responsible for showing your property to interested buyers and agents. The Showingtime App makes it simple.

No. While our goal is always to make you the primary contact whenever possible, unfortunately, MLSs require a licensed agent to be the contact.

We will add private notes that only agents can see on the MLS directing them to contact you directly but many times other agents will ignore the instructions and send them to us anyway. We will always forward to you as soon as we receive any communications regarding your property.

Zillow,, and Other 3rd Party Sites

No. Zillow,, and other 3rd party listing sites pay to access local MLSs for their listing info. These sites only display the information provided by the MLS, which in almost all cases is the contact info for the agent who’s account your property is listed under.

Listing Contracts

State law and MLS rules require us to have a signed listing contract before posting a property to the MLS.

HomeRise is not a licensed Brokerage. We have partnered with nationwide brokerages that have excess capacity in their systems. This unique partnership allows us to access the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) at a reduced price.

When you sign the listing contract, you are signing with one of these partners, which will most likely be our sister companies, TreloraHouwzer, and Newfound.

When you list your home on the MLS through HomeRise, the term “listing brokerage” technically refers to the brokerage that places your listing on the MLS. The MLS requires that all listings be associated with a licensed brokerage, which in this case, is the partner brokerage working with HomeRise.

The commission you agree to pay the buyer’s agent (if you so choose) is directed through the listing brokerage as part of the MLS transaction process and state law. A brokerage must pay a brokerage.

This doesn’t mean you’re paying extra. It’s just how commissions are handled within the system to ensure the buyer’s agent is compensated for bringing a buyer to your property. 

This arrangement also incentivizes agents to show your home to potential buyers, increasing your property’s visibility and likelihood of sale. HomeRise simplifies this process, ensuring you understand all fees upfront and facilitating the listing and selling process while saving you significant costs.