Selling Your Home: What to Fix Up With a $2,000 Budget (or Less)

deciding on renovations for kitchen

Selling your home is a stressful process. You need to prepare to move into a new home, while still presenting your current home at its absolute best for buyers. On top of this, there’s often the stress of paying the bills when you need to hire movers, cleaners, and more. You may not get around […]

Should You Renovate Before Selling Your Home? The Definitive Guide

kitchen that needs renovations

When it comes time to sell, many homeowners wonder: can I get more money for my house, if I renovate it first? Homeowners are aware that buyers gravitate toward features like contemporary bathrooms, and kitchens with energy-efficient appliances. The truth is complicated, though, because certain renovations will never raise the value of your home enough […]

Why is My House Not Selling? 4 Mistakes Sellers are Making

woman upset house isn't selling

Selling your home can be a nerve-wracking experience. You can hope that homebuyers will pay your asking price, but it doesn’t always work out that way – and being able to sell quickly is often the key to maintaining your equity. If you’re wondering why your house isn’t selling, here’s what’s likely going on. Why isn’t […]

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The Zillow Zestimate: Can it be Trusted?

If you’ve ever used, you’ve probably encountered the Zillow Zestimate. Just how accurate is the Zestimate – and is it a good idea to sell with Zillow? Here’s what you need to know. The Zillow Zestimate So what, exactly, is the Zillow Zestimate? This is Zillow’s proprietary home valuation tool, which can deliver an […]